direct service

our first job

For our first project, our volunteers responded to a flooded basement with many hands to move things from harms way, a shop vac, and some good old Kennebunk ingenuity.


A frozen outdoor spigot burst into the basement.  The detective team found shutoffs to all outdoor spigots, cleaned up and set up fans to dry the place out.  No mildew problem, no damage, no mess!


Making progress. Already, we have…

  • Held 7 focus groups facilitated by Dr. Marilyn Guglucci.
  • Held a power mapping session with town leaders.
  • Led Kennebunk’s successful efforts to become designated by AARP as an “Age Friendly” community.
  • Piloted a physical health program at local senior housing residence.
  • Piloted “neighbor helping neighbor” program in a large naturally occurring retirement community.
  • Helped establish the Committee on Aging in Kennebunk.
  • Working to help Kennebunkport establish a Committee on Aging.